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Freestanding Soaking Tubs: The Six Decisions You'll Need to Make Before Choosing the Best Ofuro for your Home

When it comes to choosing the best freestanding soaking tub, consider…

Your comfort. The design. The material.  The tub's size. The price of the tub compared to your desires, and, the tub's overall ease of installation. Once you zero in on the answers to these six questions, deciding which soaking tub to install in your bathroom becomes a lot simpler. After that, your decision-making can turn to which brand of soaking tub you prefer, which company provides the most suitable delivery options, and any important design flourishes you feel will best suit the decor of your bathroom. Shall we have a look?


What is the most comfortable soaker tub? A look at comfort.

Choosing a soaking tub you'll want to relax into for a lifetime of proper bathing is, sadly, not as simple a process as choosing a bed. There are no home showrooms that will allow you the luxury of bathing in a few different Ofuro before settling on the perfect bath for your home. 

In Japan, we have a distinct advantage in that we can explore a variety of local Sento and Onsen, and travel throughout the country staying at local Ryokan or hotels to test out a variety of materials, sizes, and models before outfitting our own bathrooms with an Ofuro that suits our particular tastes. But, it's really not necessary. Especially today when soaking tub makers will mail you material samples, along with sense-teasing catalogs that will get you ever closer to choosing a tub.

Here's what to consider when it comes to assessing these items when it comes to comfort.

The intangibility of comfort…

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