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Ever since moving to Japan in 2017 I’ve been in love with the bathing culture here. There is something inherently special about Japan’s general approach to cleanliness that goes beyond the physical dusting off of the day, that allows you to dive deeper into your own soul, or further away from it.

When I first arrived in Kobe, I set up temporary quarters in the little forgotten town of Shinnagata. It was blessed with five Sento. The first year I never visited one. I enjoyed bathing at home, a luxury I was not accustomed to enjoying in the U.S., but I never stepped foot into a Sento.

That all changed when I met my bath-obsessed wife, Reiko. Before long I was a bi-weekly visitor to the Sentos near my home, even going as far as purchasing a frequent visitor card.

The owners and I knew one another by name. It was absolutely wonderful. And being a regular visitor, meant I looked forward to my own locker, my own corner of the changing room, my own peace and quiet despite being in the company of a number of naked men.

These days, we have our own glorious soaking tub at home… we prep it about 15 minutes before we’re ready each night during the cool and cool months, and it tells us when she’s ready.

Sometimes the water is clear and plain, other times we toss in salt from the Onsen, or a bath bomb. No matter what we choose to do, those moments are ours… we read in the tub, listenĀ  to music in the tub, close out the day in the tub, and sometime break the day into two while in the tub.

We’ve started this site as homage to one of our favorite things about Japan so hopefully you can create and enjoy a similar experience in your own home.

Things we’re planning on covering for now? Soaking tubs reviews, products you can use inside the water, products you can use to decorate your bathroom, as well as some of the Japanese dining treats you can enjoy when finished bathing. It’s all part of the experience that is the Japanese bath.

Oh, and when the world returns to normal again, we hope to bring you stories from the road as we travel once again to the Sento and Onsen of our lovely Japan.

Doc Kane
March 31, 2021

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